Thanks to the benevolent enthusiasm, the charitable spirit, the profound love for the neighbor and, above all, thanks to a whole life dedicated to the poor, the humbles and the needy persons, in 1894 the female orphanage was founded by the Priest Raffaele Fiorentino with the aim to assist and educate honest and needy young women (“giovanette oneste e bisognose”) in the municipality of Catanzaro.

His main dream materialized when he met with the baroness Enrichetta Scoppa, the niece of Pierdomenico Scoppa, Bishop of Gerace, and Francescantonio Scoppa, Bishop of Ostuni.

When Enrichetta was young, she decided to offer herself to God, rejecting the allure of a comfortable life in Naples, where she studied.

The encounter with the priest Raffaele Fiorentino culminated in the share of intents: baroness Enrichetta Scoppa donated the building for the Orphanage that hosted the charity until 1906.