Foundation projects "Fiorentino Scoppa"



Entrepreneurial Start-Ups

Create a backing model for entrepreneurial start-ups focusing on the entrepreneur, not the product.

Internationalization of “Made in Calabria” Products

Implementation of an export chain from the producers/artisans to the shops.

Export Chain for Agro-Industrial Products

Develop a specific agro-industrial chain, specifically addressed to export the products.

Innovative Bakery

Create an innovative production, distribution and sale system dedicated to typical Bakery products.

Camping site for Middle Class

Create a camping site for middle class accessing the sea.

Sterilization of Surgical Tools

Implementation of an innovative service to sterilize surgical tools, with an emphasis on endoscopic and laparoscopic tools.

Cathedral and Real Estate properties of Catanzaro-Squillace Archdiocese.

Restructuring, restoring and adequately promote both the Cathedral and the Real Estate properties of the Catanzaro-Squillace Archdiocese.

Think Tank

Create a significant think tank to foster the debate about the impelling “glocal” challenges.

Fund for Calabria Development

Create a fund to invest in various development projects, primarily in the Calabria territory.

Territorial Itineraries

Develop territorial itineraries to involve the recreational, playful, athletic, educational, religious, cultural and wine and food dimensions.

Sustainable Forestry Management

Promote territorial resilience, and the maintenance of protected areas together with wood production.

Reclamation of Beaches and Shores

Protect the beauty of the territory and encourage its tourist development.

Re-Integration of Adults in the Job Market

Promote a path to sustain the re-integration of adults in the job market.

Integration of the Migrant Population

Promote a coherent action to sustain the integration of the migrant population.

Re-integration of Migrant Population

Promote a coherent action to sustain the re-integration of the migrant population within their country of origin.

Socio-Educational Farm for People with Disabilities

Actively integrate from a job perspective people with disabilities within the agro-industrial system.

Socio-Educational Farm for former drugs addicts

Actively integrate from a job perspective former drugs addicts within the agro-industrial system.

Social Housing

Facilitate accommodation offering with moderate prices.

Renovation of the Rural Residential Properties

Facilitate the renovation and restructuring of abandoned properties (and towns) for social purposes.


Support the youngsters by linking their talent to the mission of the Fiorentino Scoppa Foundation.

Vocational Educational Path

Develop vocational trainings to reinforce the positive linkage between education and job market.

Academic Courses

Realization of academic courses to create professional profiles able to fulfill the demand for “new skills”.

Management Corps for Small and Medium Entrepreneurs

Favoring the integration of SMEs into global value chains.

Tourist Center of Excellence

Creation of a tourist excellence center for tourist education and catering services.

Restoration Lab

Creation of a restoration lab for religious and cultural works.

Student Residence

Support to the housing supply for all type of students.